High-quality hall solutions for Northern conditions

Evohall offers high-quality solutions for your facility needs. The halls are suitable for all conditions and feature a long lifespan. You can also rent an Evohall or utilize our flexible corporate leasing option.



A convenient protective or storage shed that is also suitable for more compact spaces. Provides a durable shelter against weather for working machinery, equipment, and stored materials. Open construction.



A durable, high-quality storage shed for various storage and warehousing needs. Suitable for both temporary and permanent use. Offers a reliable shelter for stored items.



A durable, high-quality hall solution designed for business operation or other situations where you need more space, such as warehousing or production. Also available as a custom solution with optional extras based on your needs.



Safe and secure halls suitable for various weather and service conditions designed for versatile applications. The wide range of available extras enables custom solutions based on your specific


Evohall by MSP

The MSP group has years of experience of providing CE certified hall solutions designed for industrial use. As our company was established in Northern Sweden, our expertise is based on our deep understanding of the challenging Northern climate and our knowledge of construction and materials suitable for its needs.


We deliver hall solutions throughout the Nordic countries. Our head office, production, and warehousing units are located in Luleå, Sweden, and our Finnish warehouse and logistics center is located in Oulu. Our streamlined logistics chain also provides cost benefits to our customers.

Why choose Evohall by MSP?

The satisfaction of our customers is based on:


  • Our strong commitment
  • Our availability (we can be reached at any time of the day!)
  • Our comprehensive service. We offer a wide selection of products and services that can be included in your delivery and we also deliver hall solutions on a turnkey basis.
  • Enabling smart facility solutions: our halls can also be moved in case your needs or activities change.


Choose both quality and service – contact us.

There is no project that is too small or too large for us; we offer you experience and competence gained over several years of producing hall solutions for various purposes. Our activities are guided by continuing development, and we have set ourselves internal standards that exceed those specified by the authorities.

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